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While we like to see you in person, we realize it can be difficult to visit a credit union branch during business hours. That’s why we offer several alternatives that allow you to conduct business at your convenience.

Home Banking

Sign up for Home Banking by clicking on the home banking link on the home page and then follow the enroll online link on the left side. The Sign-up is FREE for Home Banking and you can access your accounts online, anytime! There is no charge for this service and your account information is secure. With Home Banking you can confirm account balances, transfer funds between accounts, view and print cleared checks, review your account history, and much more. For banking at your fingertips contact the credit union to enroll.



 Online Bill Pay

This service allows members to pay bills online safely and quickly using their Unity Catholic FCU Checking Account. By taking a few minutes to set up your bills, monthly bills can be as quick as the click of a mouse. You’ll be able to schedule payments, review payments, and determine dates and amounts to pay your bills.


What is Online Bill Pay?

Try out the demo 

To use Online Bill Pay you must be enrolled in Home Banking first. Sign up for Home Banking by calling any branch office. If you are already signed up for home banking and have a checking account you can sign up for Bill Pay Plus when you log into the home banking site.

Online bill pay allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your online banking account, checking or money market checking. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and the account you want the payment to come from.

Benefits of Online Bill Pay are:

* Save Time *     * Save Money *     * Stay Organized *

* Gain Peace of Mind *     * Helps the Environment & Saves Paper *


Electronic statements allow you to access your account statements through a secure site within homebanking. With E-statements, you can view and print your credit union account statements at your convenience.  Once you sign up for E-statements they will remain available for 6 months.This a a FREE service, and must be signed up for separate from home banking. Sign-up now for E-statements through Home Banking on the Self Service Tab.

Direct Deposit / Payroll Deduction

Save yourself from frequent trips to the credit union by setting up automatic deposits and payments with Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction. Deposit all or portion of your payroll or government check; even spread your deposit across multiple accounts or loans at Unity Catholic FCU. You’ll have access to your money faster without the risk of lost or stolen checks. Give us a call to get started.

To start direct deposit you will need your member number and our routing number.

Unity Catholic Federal Credit Union routing number - 241081105

Drive-thru Convenience

When you visit the St. Charles Main Office or our location in Brunswick for routine transactions, pull right-up to our drive-thru window during normal business hours. Take care of business from the comfort of your vehicle!



Debit MasterCard®

Pay for purchases using funds in your share draft account at thousands of merchants displaying the MasterCard® logo or use your Unity Catholic FCU Debit MasterCard at any ATM to access your checking or Savings Accounts. Verify account balances, make deposits or withdrawals, and even transfer funds between accounts. Avoid surcharge fees by using the ATMs at our credit union offices or those in the Alliance One network or at Money Pass locations.

For lost or stolen Unity Catholic FCU Debit MasterCard, please call 1-800-472-3272 immediately.


Touch-Tone Teller

Our SmartMoney Line is available 24/7 with information about the credit union as well as your accounts. Dial 800-331-8136 from any touch-tone phone to access the automated attendant. Select from a menu of options where you can:
  • Verify account balances, recent activity, and transactions by date
  • Transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments and withdrawals
  • Learn about special promotions along with current dividend and loan rates
  • Find out when your local credit union office is open



Access your accounts at ATMs across the country without paying an additional surcharge. The Alliance One network of financial institutions offers over 4,500 ATM machines in 41 states and territories where you can use your Unity Catholic FCU ATM Card or Debit MasterCard. Plus you can visit any Money Pass ATM or use an ATM at one of our offices at your convenience.


Shared Branching Means More Options for You

Unity Catholic Federal Credit Union has added another convenient member benefit - you can now access your credit union accounts at thousands of locations throughout the country, including hundreds in Ohio. Unity Catholic FCU is a member of the CO-OP Shared Branching network, a fast-growing national and international network of credit unions that allow members of other credit unions to use their branches to conduct basic teller transactions.

Credit unions have joined together to "share" their facilities as a way to provide convenient service to their credit union members. Wherever you see the Shared Branching Logo , you can conduct financial transactions at that credit union location.

What can you do at a Shared Branching location? Almost everything you normally do with a teller at your own credit union, and there's no additional charge to you. You can made deposits, withdraw money, cash checks, transfer funds, make loan payments, get a copy of your statement, and more. All you need is your credit union account number and a photo ID.

To find a Shared Branching location near your home, work or favorite vacation spot, simply log on to to find the most convenient locations.


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